29 July 2009

Are you ALL in?

So i must confess, I've been a TOTAL blog slacker. I was doing great before the wedding - uploading fun things, and giving much love to my now poor, lonely blog. But once wedding madness kicked in, it's like my mind was consumed and my poor blog fell to the waste side. Even now, living in marital bliss (awwww....), it's been hard to get back into the swing of things. For the past few weeks I've been been reading other blogs (::GASP::)...in an effort to try to determine were I'd like to take this blog. Do I continue with my constant obsession on everything that is fantastic in the wedding world, or do I venture into the world of being a newly wed and the journey that accompanies my new life....?

(Alexis:: thinking::)....

......still thinking....

So I've decided to do a little of both. That's right. I'll never stop swooning over wedding magazines (Ack... I STILL buy them). But I think there's also got to be a place to chat and openly share newlywed life that doesn't yet involve babies.

So join me.... I promise more posts - but this time, a little bit wedding, and a little bit newlywed. But a whole lot of me.

After all, Bride-to-be, bride, or newlywed... it's all pretty much the same thing :)

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