28 May 2009

I <3 Ann Wood

So it's not really news, but it's worth another mention... I love Ann Wood's little creations. I love her birds, owls, ships, and all the fantastic little projects she works on. The miniature projects are so detailed and so fantastic that they almost transcend you into a happier, simpler time.

To be even a bit more specific, being a second-time around bride, as I got engaged and began imagining what I wanted for our wedding, I honestly felt a little stuck. As I started to try and put together a vision for the wedding - I found that it was hard to decide upon a theme and identify something that really inspired me. And that's when I stumbled across Ann Wood. I saw a picture of these cute bird cake toppers and thought, WOW... now THAT's something different. I quickly jumped on chat boards and wedding blogs and was able to identify that they were from Ann Wood.

Were they expensive? Yes. Were they WAY over our budget? Yes. Did I still have to have them? Absolutely. I tried looking for alternatives... but NOTHING really compared. So these little birds became the inspiration. Not because I was planning on having a bird themed wedding (yikes), but because I decided that everything I choose for our special day would be carefully chosen, collected, and put together... just like Ann's birds.
So i'm less than three weeks away from our big day and as I stand back and look at all the decisions we've made, and the details we've incorporated into the wedding.. I couldn't be more proud. Each detail is a reflection of 'us' and of the couple we are together... and I couldn't be more excited to share it with our friends and family. So thank you Ann... they may be little, but they sure do mean a lot!

And just in case you're wondering, Ann was kind enough to make a set for my fiancee and I... this cute little couple will be proudly perched upon our wedding cake. And will be a beautiful reminder of our special day.

PS: I just saw this posted on her blog from Design Sponge - a fun sneak peak into her studio! And another about cardboard horses.
(Visit her blog and click on the green button to the right to download the horse template)

27 May 2009

A++ for Goose Grease

So in this bad economy it's up to us brides to find creative ways to save money and not go TOO overboard....in fact, blogs these days are buzzing with creative ways to do it yourself, or find cost effective alternatives to pricey bridal items.

Case in point? Our rehearsal dinner cake.

Being that my fiancee is in the Navy, I REALLY wanted to order one of Mike's Amazing Cake's speciality cakes. I mean, look how fabulous this hat cake is! Problem? Yes! For a cake to feed only 20 people, the cost was over $150. Even if I could stomach that, the shipping cost (almost another $175) was enough to set me WELL over my budget.

Cost effective SOLUTION? I worked with Goose Grease (who was featured in this last issue of Martha Stewart Wedding) to create these one of a kind cake toppers. Our venue already provides a cake, so rather than have another 'grooms' cake, we're just going to decorate the existing cake with our fabulous goose grease cake toppers.
I have to give a shout out to the ladies at goose grease... not only did they do a FABULOUS job, but they were SO amazing to work with. I sent them photos of my fiance's uniform, and of what our dog, etc look like and they replicated it almost exactly.

Looking for a cost effective, but incredibly unique cake topper? Be sure to give the ladies at goose grease a call.
PS: they also do miniature cupcake versions... how cute these would be on top of a cupcake-tree.

Battling against cold feeet

So, it's a well known fact that i'm an ETSY addict. But when I came across these gems I actually laughed out loud. THIS is exactly why ETSY is so fabulous... I mean where else can you go to find such unusual and customized gifts that help complete any fab. party/wedding/etc.
So yes, I immediately added these to the cart. I mean, my fiancee couldn't live another second without these funny socks... right? :)

Check out Erin's shop - she's also got customized socks for the father of the bride, and the father-in-law to be.

Happy sock shopping!!

26 May 2009

DC Garter-fest

Looking for a fresh take on traditional garters? Check out Julianne Smith's wedding garters at the launch party of her new collection.

When: This Wednesday (May 27) from 7:30-9:00pm

Where: Hello Cupcake (1351 Connecticut Avenue NW, in Washington, DC)

Must: RSVP to info@herpersign.com

Anyone else going, I'm thinking this is a must :)


My blog-apologies... i've been gone for SOO long :(

My grandmother died a few weeks ago, and I guess it's just been a bit hard getting back into the swing of things.

But i'm back now and have a few great things to share... more to come.

13 May 2009

AHOY Mate'

So I just had to share this... this SERIOUSLY just popped into my inbox. Why get married the 'normal way' when you can get married aboard a floating chapel! I know I'm going to be a Navy wife, but this is taking it a bit too far!

Oh, and just in case you're interested.. the email said they are actually SELLING the boat, so if you're interested in getting into the floating chapel business, be sure to give them a call! :)

12 May 2009

Mix and Match.. the more the merrier?

I'm finally back (I'll explain later) and have banked a few fun ideas from fellow bloggers that I wanted to share...
While I myself purchased custom stamps using zazzle, how amazing is this idea? Using vintage stamps, mix and match stamps in your wedding colors, creating a a chic rustic effect with a variety of stamps. See 100 layer cake on specific how-to's.
But I loved this idea, not only is it incredibly unique but budget friendly as well. Got to love that!!