29 July 2009

With this Ring... :)

Check out even more details about our wedding by visiting one of my favorite blogs... With This Ring!! and here!

Our wedding - Part II

These are LONG overdue, but here are some of my favorite photos and memories from our wedding day!
(Photos taken by Charlie Shin - our amazing photographer from Studio Kama!)

The view, before the wedding.

Our rings - custom made by Gems of the Jungle in Orlando, FL

Mark & his groomsmen. Such great friends.

My bridemaids - and TRULY my best friends. Bridesmaid dresses - Ella by Jenny Yoo.

I asked my dad to say a prayer for Mark and I right before we walked down the aisle.

Thank you Dad!

So handsome... waiting for me to walk out :)

My dad, walking me down the aisle.

It was JUST the way I envisioned it :)

Saying our vows, one of my favorite parts of the day!

And then, he kissed me and we became Husband and Wife :)

Our entire wedding party. Family & best friends!

The backs of our chairs - signs made by KHamm75 on ETSY.

The crystal tree that I made -- the centerpiece of our place card table.

Our wedding cake! Flowers made by CCbyCherrie on ETSY.

The vintage love bird cake toppers were made by Ann Wood

Our kiss after cutting the cake.

A beautiful night at Lansdowne Resort


Are you ALL in?

So i must confess, I've been a TOTAL blog slacker. I was doing great before the wedding - uploading fun things, and giving much love to my now poor, lonely blog. But once wedding madness kicked in, it's like my mind was consumed and my poor blog fell to the waste side. Even now, living in marital bliss (awwww....), it's been hard to get back into the swing of things. For the past few weeks I've been been reading other blogs (::GASP::)...in an effort to try to determine were I'd like to take this blog. Do I continue with my constant obsession on everything that is fantastic in the wedding world, or do I venture into the world of being a newly wed and the journey that accompanies my new life....?

(Alexis:: thinking::)....

......still thinking....

So I've decided to do a little of both. That's right. I'll never stop swooning over wedding magazines (Ack... I STILL buy them). But I think there's also got to be a place to chat and openly share newlywed life that doesn't yet involve babies.

So join me.... I promise more posts - but this time, a little bit wedding, and a little bit newlywed. But a whole lot of me.

After all, Bride-to-be, bride, or newlywed... it's all pretty much the same thing :)

08 July 2009

The story of our wedding: PART I

First of all, let me begin the story by thanking EACH and every one of our friends and family members who truly helped our wedding day to be SUCH a great success. We were blessed with a perfect day. And by perfect I mean the weather was fantastic (key for an outdoor wedding) and any potential mishaps were completely oblivious to us. (Now THAT's love!)

Since we were married at 6:30pm, we had the entire day to get dressed, primp and have fun girl time (and boy did we take advantage of it). I was fortunate enough to have Laura Bateman do our makeup and Melanie from Rain salon all in our suite for our beauty day. The afternoon was perfect - laughing and joking with my best friends and family. Any girl's dream start to her wedding day...

A wedding day toast with my Bridesmaids
(Yes we had a bit of wine, but come on, it was after 12!)

All smiles - getting to spend time with my best friends - and the world's best bridesmaids!

Laura Bateman is my makeup hero! Need a makeup artist? Check out her website.

Of course, I got a little emotional - I was on happy overload. But thank God my mom was there to hold my hand.

Getting dressed took a bit longer than I thought, but as I started the excitement was overwhelming. All the planning leading to this moment - the dress - the details - and MOST importantly the man I love dearly waiting at the end of the aisle to marry me. It's a pretty powerful moment. Make sure you allow yourself enough time to treasure it!

Of course I forgot to put my garter on - Thankfully my maid of honor was there to help.

And of course, once you lift up your skirt the paps go crazy (ha). I kid, Charlie and his crew from Studio Kama were fantastic. They were there every step of the way to capture every shot!

The next step was to head down to the terrace and walk down the aisle.. :)

(more to come...)

07 July 2009

Good Advice - passed on.

This advice is just TOO good not to pass on ... check out Sue Holfeld's advice at The Bride's Guide:

For some reason, RSVP'ing to an invitation is hard for guests. And even some guests who are prompt to send their reply cards back manage to goof.

Their only tasks are to 1) write their name(s) on the card, 2) check "yes" or "no," 3) stick it in the envelope, and 4) put it in the mailbox. But many are the brides sitting there with a reply card in their hand checked "will attend" and wondering, "Whose RSVP is this?"
Because the guest forgot to write in their names on that little line that says: M______________________.

There's a simple trick that will help: Number your guest list. Then use a pencil to write the number on the back of the reply card. Sneaky smart, right?

06 July 2009

Cry me a river... well, okay :)

Looking for a another unique accessory to add to your wedding ensemble? Why not add a little something 'old' or 'blue' in your wedding purse by purchasing a vintage hanky. One of my favorite ETSY sellers, Hankylady, has a huge selection of beautiful and well-taken care of vintage handkerchiefs.

Check out this one, just posted this weekend. For only $18, it's a perfect 'something blue.'

02 July 2009


Okay, so I love ribbons & bows. AND... I love my iphone. Well, WALLA- the Little White Dog has ingeniously combined the two.
Meet my newest obsession, the ribbon & bow iphone cover.
AND until July 5th, you can save $10 by entering code "GeekSugar."

Happy shopping!

01 July 2009

A fun DIY

A cute DIY idea to brighten your Wednesday...
See, now isn't that better?