25 June 2009

Take a seat...

So, we're BACK from our honeymoon and i've got SOOO much to share - about the wedding, honeymoon, and so much more. But while I attempt to unpack and get my life together, I thought i'd share this great idea I saw - look at these place cards from Timeless paper. How fantastic are these?!?
Even the peacocks look SO neat...
Anyone else have a unique idea for a place card?

09 June 2009

I scream, you scream, we all scream for MAKEUP

So here's a fabulous tip to start off our Tuesday on the right foot...

Bobbi Brown is offering 25 percent off (!!!agghhh!!!) of all of her cosmetics on her website. I mean, what's more fun than new makeup? Makeup on SALE! (duh.) Add that to the fact that you get free shipping on purchases over $60, and it's a sale made in heaven :)

I was first introduced to Bobbi's makeup through my makeup artist (Laura Bateman). Her products are super natural looking... very classy and yet realistic. No crazy makeup allowed.

Enjoy the coupon code *SUMMER1* while it lasts.

Happy Shopping!

05 June 2009

DIY cards

A big thank you to brides little white book -- I was looking into making a few thank you cards and ran across this post for step by step directions on how to make your own fantastic (and very unique) note cards!
Happy crafting Friday!

A FREE wedding mag you just can't pass up

So thanks to Bride's cafe, here's a great offer..
For the next 8 days, the online version of the Wedding Style Guide (an Australian wedding magazine) is FREE. It's a great magazine and the online version is fantastic!

Check it out here!

04 June 2009

I'm a sucker for succulents.

And one more thing...

While we were in Napa, we saw THE most amazing succulents. So I got to thinking, how COOL would succulents be as a favor?!?!
Well, I guess i'm not the first to think of this idea. Look at 100 Layer Cake's post from Kelly & Chris' wedding... Click here for a full DIY description.

Eat. Drink. And Be Married.

I am a lucky bride. For sure.

Man of my dreams, best friend, and mr. all around wonderful? Check.

Found the perfect location, dress, favors, and all the rest? Check.

Sharing it with the most bridesmaids a girl could ask for? Check.

So I've been SO swamped with finalizing the last little details of the wedding that i've failed to poast ANY information about the most amazing bachelorette party a girl could ever ask for....

My fantastic Maid of Honor and fab-u-loso bridesmaids planned a bachelorette trip to Napa!

The weeekend was complete with:

A crafty candle making party.

Fantastic food.

An amazing tour of Napa Valley. Seven girls. Four vineyards. A lot of wine. Hilarious.
Drinking wine at 10am (Hey, technically that would be 1pm east coast time, and isn't that well after lunch?) A spa party.

A surprise lingerie shower.

And OFCOURSE, silliness.

Thank you for such a fantastic weekend. I've got the best friends a girl could ever ask for. Seriously lucky.

A Must Read.

You've got to read this post about Marisa & John's wedding. What a great, and completely memorable idea!

Designer Dessert Tables

A huge thank you to Amanda at Elizabeth Anne for referencing Amy Atlas' AMAZING dessert tables. If you're considering doing a dessert table you absolutely MUST check out her website for inspiration! Getting married in New York, or have the cash for Amy's services... you've got to check it out. Her tables are nothing short of breathtaking!! Look at all those cute details!!