04 August 2009

A husband like no other

So if you're not aware, I am a HUGE fan of Giada De Laurentiis. HUGE. Like I have a serious teenage girl crush on every recipe, show, ingredient and tool that she uses. I don't know what it is.... but I see a tool/recipe/[insert anything] that she uses ... and instantly my brain says "oh yes, you NEED that." Despite the thousands of kitchen tools I have, recipes i've tried. If Giada likes it, I like it. I know it sounds completely silly. Well, it is. My family - they laugh (of course, not in front of my face). The only way I can TRY to explain it is that in some strange world of mine, I feel like she brings me closer to my Italian roots. She's Italian, modern, and pretty fabulous in her own right. So yes, I love everything Giada.


So a few months ago I learned that Giada is doing a celebrity theater at the Washington Metropolitan Cooking Entertaining show. The GOOD tickets (i.e. where you could actually SMELL what she's cooking) are $75 (x's two because I couldn't exactly EXCLUDE my husband). So in an effort to be budget savvy, I'm resisted (somehow) my immediate urge to RUSH and buy tickets. So patiently, I waited, and I held off buying tickets. (New wife thinking:: it's a bad economy, I need to save, blah, blah, blah).

So this weekend, I was talking to husband about how my WONDERFUL friend (insert Cami) gave me tickets to Guy Fieri's celebrity theater at the Metropolitan Cooking Entertaining Show. Let me back up by saying that love watching pretty much anything food network (MINUS Rachel ray - but that's a rant for another day!). So while I wasn't getting to see Giada, getting to meet and see Guy was a fun alternate (and free - thanks Cami!) Anyway, so I was telling husband about how great it will be to go to the show, meet guy, but that REALLY I'd also SUPER SUPER love to see Giada.

And that's when he turns to me and says the most fantastic thing...

"Well, That's good, because I already bought us tickets!!!"

Yes, that's right husband-of-the-year (that's my new nickname for him), scored some SUPER bonus points by surprising me with Giada tickets (and, oh yes, they are great seats). So just a little shout out this morning to my wonderful husband... for knowing me well enough to gift me with a gift that is truly out of this world fabulous!

See you at the show!!


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  1. Ummmm...you tell the WORLD about this but not your bestie? Girl please! Hahaha...I already knew he was a keeper, didnt need Giada tix to convince me of that one! Did I mention I made a tasty Giada dish for dinner Sunday night, Pino Grigio Pasta with Shrimp and Clams...delish (of course!)